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Benzaiten Ritual Bath Salts

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Elevate Your Self-Care with Healing and Detoxifying Energies

Immerse yourself in a rejuvenating experience with "Benzaiten Ritual Salts" - a blend designed to elevate your self-care rituals and infuse your bathwater with the nutritive properties of nature. Crafted with Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Jasmine, and Rose Petals, these salts offer healing, detoxifying, and nourishing energies.

🌺 Awaken Your Senses: Indulge in the soothing scent profile of Pear and Honey, evoking the sweetness of ripened fruit and the gentle embrace of nature's bounty. Let this aromatic blend whisk you away to a realm of tranquility and rejuvenation.

🌸 Floral Infusion for Healing: Benzaiten, the goddess of music, beauty, and water in Japanese mythology, inspires these ritual salts. Imbued with the energies of healing and detoxification, the blend is enriched with the following ingredients:

  • Pink Himalayan Sea Salt: Cleansing and renewal, clearing stagnant energy.
  • Dead Sea Salt: Detoxifying and nourishing, promoting skin health.
  • Epsom Salt: Relaxation and relief, soothing body and mind.
  • Jasmine: Healing and sensuality, invoking inner harmony.
  • Rose Petals: Nurturing and self-love, embracing beauty within.

🛁 Elevate Your Bathing Experience: Incorporate Benzaiten Ritual Salts into your self-care rituals, bathing routines, or moments of reflection. Immerse yourself in the transformative waters and allow the healing and nourishing energies to envelop you. Experience the gentle exfoliation of the salts, leaving your skin feeling renewed and invigorated.

🚿 A Tip for Seamless Rituals: To ensure a seamless experience, we recommend using a strainer in your tub stopper. This precaution ensures a blockage-free experience, allowing you to fully enjoy your tranquil bath.

🌸 Embrace Healing and Nourishment: Celebrate the goddess Benzaiten and embrace the healing, detoxifying, and nourishing energies of nature. With each use of Benzaiten Ritual Salts, you are not just bathing; you are invoking the goddess's essence and nurturing your body and spirit.

🌼 Elevate Your Self-Care with Benzaiten Ritual Salts 🌼